Some Pictures from Tim's Life

Tim is rock climbing with his father.

Rock climbing with his father (above) and rollerblading (below). Tim became very good at this.....

Tim is an expert rollerblader
Tim catches a bus to his school

Every morning the school bus picks Tim up from home and brings him back in the afternoon.

Tim at his special school

Tim goes to a special school where about 85% of the students are autistic and the rest have intellectual disabilties of one kind or another. He used to do classwork except for two half hours of ABA each week. Now, he does classwork all the time.

Tim on his trampoline

Tim relaxes by spending a lot of time on his trampoline. He is pretty good on his own but enjoys having others bounce on it with him.

Tim relaxing at home

The TV image has not shown up in this picture but when Tim is not trampolining or reading, he likes to relax watching videos. Often, he likes to stim for hours on one part of a video and to prevent this, the compartment holding the VCR has been padlocked on both sides and there is a padlocked cover over the TV controls as well to stop him incessantly changing channels or volume level. Tim does not have a remote control available to him.

Tim likes to bounce in front of his TV on a large red ball and to prevent his crashing into the TV and possibly knocking it over, it's been attached to a handrail -- visible top left in the picture -- secured to the wall.

Tim playing a computer game. Picture: Lindsay

One of Tim's "splinter skills" is computers and, like many autistic children, he is highly skilled at installing and playing computer games. He knows every way to find a .exe file on a hard drive and can create and delete shortcuts almost faster than the eye can follow. Naturally, he has no idea of the damage he's causing to software.

Tim is lifting weights at a gym.

Here's a more recent picture of Tim, who has always been a dedicated couch potato so it's unusual to see him in a gym and apparently lifting a weight, although he has become very strong.

A recent picture of Tim. Picture: Lindsay.

And here's a picture of Tim taken in January 2005.


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