Newborn preemie Tim

Tim was born 15 weeks prematurely and weighed just 780 grams. You can see his father's wedding ring on his right arm. While Tim was still in hospital his mother noticed that he tended to push her away. At the time, she did not recognise this as tactile defensiveness but after his diagnosis of autism things started to fall into place.

Tim is reluctant to be photographed with his family.
Tim is reluctant to be photographed with his family.

Tim doesn't know that there is a society and if he did know, he wouldn't care. Nor would he care that society has both rules and expectations regarding conduct, or that he belongs to a particular group called his family and that he is expected to pose for a picture with his other family members. The pictures above show this very clearly.

Tim certainly understands that he has a home, and he adores his parents, but this is not the same as suggesting that he has much concept of family or group. This may come in time, as Tim develops his sense of self and learns that he is a person just like all the people around him. Nonetheless, it's hard to see him ever wanting to be part of a group.

5yo Tim is enjoying wrestling with an adult cousin.

Autistic children often like controlled rough and tumble, and often feel comfortable with other autistic people or, in this case, with an ADD relative.


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