Shaun 2

Shaun is in the corridor of a vintage carriage. Picture: Lindsay
Shaun is present on a train ride but not taking part in proceedings. Picture: Lindsay

Left, Shaun is on a vintage train ride which raised money for Autism Victoria. On the right, Shaun is pretty much spacing out while Ben and Kelly are thinking about lunch.

The view Shaun has of me taking the picture is upside down. Picture: Lindsay
12yo Shaun is yet again wanting me to chase him. Picture: Lindsay

On the left, Shaun has been enjoying the train's motion and is happy to stay lying down while watching me take the photo while Ben (not a train person) is happy that somebody's finally doing something other than just sit there and look out of the window. Right: this picture was taken just after I had my first conversation with Shaun. Everyone had given up on his ever being able to talk but one day, aged 12, he spoke. His voice was just a tenuous whisper and may never be much more. For the first time, he was able to ask me to chase him.

Ben is playing a computer game while Shaun is happy to sip Cherry Coke and watch. Picture: Lindsay.

I was tempted to downsize these pictures and pair them in a table just like I've done with so many others here but no. This is a broadband site and while I might have had to put low-res, tiny pics up ten years ago I don't have to do it today. In the pic above, Ben is playing a game on my computer while Shaun is happy to sip Cherry Coke and watch. Below, the brothers are engrossed in Encarta.

The brothers are engrossed in Encarta. Picture: Lindsay
Lindsay and Shaun in October 2004. Picture: Kelly Jarvis
Shaun, October 2004. Picture: Lindsay

I caught up with Shaun in October, 2004. He'd had a couple of years off school for no particular reason, which probably wasn't a good idea. His voice is still a whisper then but thank God!! he's grown out of wanting to be chased. He watches the Comedy Channel a lot and I get an occasional email from him with a picture or movie attached which leads me to think that his sense of humour has always been as warped as his brother's. It's always great to hear from him. Shaun lives with his mother and it's hard to see him ever in any other environment. Ben is on track to be a Qantas jumbo pilot, having got his commercial pilot's license early in 2005 and now with a few years of flying freighters around, chalking up the hours before Qantas will talk to him. Ben still has his sense of humour. In 2004, he was taking Shaun on a flight from Melbourne to Tasmania when he said: "Gee, Shaun, I hate to tell you this but I'm lost, mate. Got no idea where we are!" Shaun just said: "Oh shit!" and started rummaging around in the maps until he caught sight of Ben's grin. That story makes me laugh today, it's so typical of the pair of them.

Shaun's most recent email to me (April 3 2006) said:
"We are watching 'Wheel of Fortune'.
We are watching Sandra Sully.
We are watching games on Ten.
All done."
And his voice has deepened and developed some presence.


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