Everyday Lives of Extraordinary People 3

Anders is leafing through a catalogue.

Anders enjoys reading through catalogs. He is now living in a managed home, with plenty of his own space, and is apparently enjoying life greatly.

The very famous Phil Schwarz is romping with his kids

The extremely ubiquitous and well-known Phil Schwarz from Boston is staying still long enough to be photographed romping with his kids, including his autistic son Jeremy.

Brent Conner, aged around 11, outside his home in Maryland.

Brent (Autistic Disorder) is enjoying being out in the snow...

Vincent Conner in an art class.

......his brother Vincent (Asperger's) is looking far more studious in his classroom....

Barry Conner

....and both of them are enjoying a summer afternoon with their father, Barry.

5yo Tom Parry Jr gets a hug from his Dad. Picture: f_m2

Tom Parry with his 5yo son Tom Jr and their cat are spending some quality time together. Tom has a great deal of rapport with his son and was upfront about Tom Jr being photographed...... "just as he always is. Let's not give anybody the idea having an autistic kid is a bed of roses." Linsay was fortunate enough to meet Tom and his family on a visit to California. They are somewhat reclusive people, so he appreciated their wilingness to meet me.


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