Everyday Lives of Extraordinary People 2

Daniel and Esther are taking a break from playing on their computer. Picture: Wouter Schenk

Computers play a large part in the lives of many autistic people. We use them for games, to compile projects and above all to comunicate with each other. In the picture above, Daniël Schenk and his non-autistic sister Esther are about to begin using their family's new computer, and in the photo below 5yo Tom Parry Jr is playing a game on his family computer.

5yo fm_3 is using his family computer. Picture: Tom Parry
F12 is swimming with a dolphin.

It can take a great deal of courage for an autistic person to try something different, something new. F12 has found the courage to get in the pool with the dolphin, and is managing to hang in there.

Jams is enjoying swimming with his father and sister. Picture: Sue Garnett

James Garnett enjoys swimming with his father Graeme and sister Amelia.....

James is not enjoying having his hair cut. Picture: Sue Garnett

....but he hasn't always enjoyed haircuts. His mother took him to a new hairdresser and to her surprise he sat quietly, as this photo shows.

James is enjoying steering a power boat. Picture: Sue Garnett

James thinks that steering the power boat is a great thing to do.

Matthew Argall is socialising at McDonald's. Picture: Lindsay

Matthew Argall has never been particularly sociable, nor has he had a lot of time for McDonald's. He made an exception this time, however, to talk to a boy similar to himself.


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