So Autistic People Have No Sense of Humour? 2

Vincent is playing horsie with his father, Barry
Lindsay and Vincent are sharing a joke. Picture: Barry Conner

Vincent Conner, who can be very serious indeed, takes time out (left) to play horsie with his father Barry and (right) to share a joke with Lindsay.

Everyone knows that autistic philosophy Professors have no sense of humour.
Abby is laughing out loud.

Cal, left, is well known among adult autistics in the US. Just as Judy is a psychiatrist, Cal is a professor of philosophy. Both are autistic and neither has a sense of humour. And the earth is flat, isn't it? Abby's pictures appear right through this site. Why on earth would Abby laugh? So many professionals will tell you that autistic people display no sense of humour. Well, would you want to laugh while being evaluated in a psychologist's office? Or while your parents were freaking over your diagnosis? Or when your sibs were embarrassed by your very existence? The truth is all around you.

Dave Spicer aboard a jet ski in a wading pool

Dave Spicer strives to maintain his dignity regardless of the very unusual circumstance.

Josh is using a gas stove lighter as a microphone while doing some karaoke. Picture: Lindsay
Jack thinks that a joke is really hysterical

At left, Josh is using a gas stove lighter as a prop during a karaoke session and at right, well...why not? We began this section with Jack so why not finish it with him laughing hysterically at one of Lindsay's jokes? He was complimented that someone should find them funny.


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