Hamish 4

Hamish is recovering from shingles and the pain is making him very angry. Picture: Lindsay

When Hamish was 12, he came down with shingles. I had agreed to care for him in my home for two weeks long before he got sick. It was summer and very hot. In this picture Hamish has been using my computer to take his mind off his pain but still he was in a very bad mood. Working with autistic kids means that you can't pick and choose. You have to take whatever comes, when it comes and deal with it. You can't ask for help because the chances are there's nobody around to help you. You can't wave a magic wand, much as you'd sometimes like to. What came of this is that Hamish recovered after ten days or so and began to do things for me such as make me cups of tea. Nobody showed him how to do it. He learned from watching me. He learned to sit at a table and eat properly without spilling food all over himself, the table and the floor. When his teacher (whose pictures are on the previous page) heard about this, he had to call around to see for himself even though it was still summer holidays.


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