A Genetic Component to Autism?

Barry Conner and his son Brent

As diagnostic techniques improve, the more evident it is that there is a strong genetic component to autism. Brent was diagnosed autistic at an early age. His father Barry has never been diagnosed and probably never will be because there's no point to it, however autistic people who have known them for many years have no doubt that Barry could get a diagnosis if he wanted to.

Sue Garnett and her son James.

Again, James Garnett was diagnosed autistic at around age three. His mother Sue wasn't diagnosed until around 1997 and she did this only after meeting Lindsay and to satisfy her curiosity.

Abby and Judy

The genetics are not confined to direct parentage. Judy and Abby are aunt and niece. One of Abby's favorite songs was The Spinning Song. This was also one of Judy's favorite songs when she was young. Currently, they like to sing songs from The Sound of Music. We apologise for the poor quality of this image, however sometimes the best pictures are those taken by machines, on mobiles or by people using throwaway cameras who have no idea of the importance of their content.


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