Is it True that Autistic People Show No Affection?

Richie with his brother Rob.

Autistic people demonstrate affection in both standard and non-standard ways. Some only demonstrate affection at certain specific times, or in certain places. Above, Rich is hugging his brother, Rob. Rich is very interested in fish.

Alex with his sister Gillian.

Alex is hugging his sister.

Ben is kissing his younger autistic brother Shaun. Picture: Lindsay

Shaun enjoys an affectionate relationship with Ben, his older (non-autistic) brother, and used to be close to Anthony, an autistic schoolmate (below). It was always going too far to call them friends.

Anthony gives Shaun a hug. Picture: Lindsay
Shaun and Anthony hug Lindsay. Picture: Shelley Reinhardt

But sometimes they liked to give Lindsay a hug.

Jack hugs his sister Kellie. Picture: Lindsay

Jack shares an affectionate moment with his youngest sister, Kellie.

Sam decides to hug F12 in a pizza restaurant. Picture: Lindsay

Sam gives his friend F12 a hug while waiting for pizza in a Milwaukee restaurant.

F12 is nearly asleep. Picture: Susan W

F12 was one of the most difficult autistic children Lindsay ever worked with. After a few months, they had resolved most of their differences as this picture, taken by his mother, shows.

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