Autistic Artists

F12 displaying some of his art.

Many autistic people tend to interpret language literally. F12, gifted and autistic, once played little league baseball and heard the question: "Where's second base?" His reply was: "I'm standing on it, you idiot."

Daniel has part his face painted to his specifictions. Picture: Wouter Schenk

Daniël had his face painted to his specifications at a carnival and is now posing with some of his creations (above) while below, he exhibits some finely-detailed drawings of some of the trains seen in The Netherlands. Daniël sometimes likes to sing as well, and you can hear him singing along to his favourite song by clicking here.

Dani?l met zijn tekeningen van Nederlandse treinen. Beeld: Lindsay
Hamish is absorbed in his drawing

A rare picture of Hamish absorbed in drawing

A young artist displays his talent at Autreat '98

This young man agreed to allow his work to be photographed at Autreat.

Jack is sitting with Lindsay, displaying his work on a Magnadoodle. Picture: Merri Lewis

Jack doesn't like different changes of texture against his skin. One of his quiet pleasures is having a "pyjama day", when he doesn't have to get dressed, in the school holidays. In this picture, he's displaying his work on a Magnadoodle. Jack went on to become one of the youngest artists, at ten, to have his work displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia.

You can listen to Jack discuss his pictures by clicking here.


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