Not Just for Children

Autism is frequently thought of as something that affects only children. Which leads to the question, what happens when an autistic person turns 18? Do they suddenly become neurotypical? Do they vanish? Or do they somehow never become of adult age? The fact is none of these things are true so there are many more autistic adults living at any one time than autistic children. This page will help to demonstrate that.

Jane, during a hike

Jane (different person from the Jane below), on a hike in Northwest USA.

Steven, looking mighty cool. Picture: Steve Woods

Above and below: Two self portraits of Steven.

Steven, enjoying himself. Picture: Steve Woods

Amanda with her cat

Amanda, at age 19, with her roommate/service cat, outside their first apartment.

Laughing Cal. Picture: Judy Badner

Cal, enjoying herself (or laughing at Judy).

Autreat 98. Picture: Alex Weese

Lindsay, Judy, and Jane (different person from the Jane above) at Autreat a while back. Autreat is an annual conference organized by and for autistic people. It can be a good place for autistic adults to meet each other. Lindsay met Judy and Jane in person for the first time at this Autreat although they had met through email email quite a few years before then.

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